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Stacey MFG

STACEY Bullet twin 5’11"" Futures

STACEY Bullet twin 5’11"" Futures

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The Bullet Twin has been designed with one thing in mind - speed. 
"Dakoda wanted a 5'0 Twin for a project he was working on, but it had to surf properly for him. He explained to what he wanted to do on it, so I went away and thought hard about how to get a Twinny to perform the way he wanted it to. It pushed me to combine three different concepts to make the board work. The result even blew me away! The 'Bullet Twin' lives up to it's name, and believe me when we say it surfs like a Thruster without sacrificing the fun and speed of a Twin Fin. If you're looking to try a Twin but have always hesitated, get it, ride it and enjoy it. All Hail Speed! 
Lee Stacey 
"I did one month riding four boards. A 4'0, 5'0, 6'0 and a 7'0. Lee and I had designed them to try and have the most fun possible. We both decided the 5'0 should be a Twinny. I didn't want to have to nurse it like other Twins I've ridden, so we threw a tail on it that'd have drive, but still the bullet speed of a Twin Fin. It went so mental over that month that I've now got the original 5'0, two 5'2's and a 5'3 Bullet Twin in my quiver" 
Dakoda Walters 

  • Outline - Original modern Twin outline, purposely given a pin tail to give the board a settled, thruster type feel to it's surf.
  • Entry Rocker - Flat and Fast!
  • Exit Rocker - Long and Low
  • [Concave - Slight forward vee, subtle concave under foot with an aggressive double to slight vee out of the tail.
  • Tail - Pin Tail, to give the board a distinctive Thruster feel.
  • Fin Setup - Two Fins. SPEED SPEED SPEED. Time to get radical! (not included)
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