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Koolite 7'0 Menthol

Koolite 7'0 Menthol

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The Koolite is the ultimate beginner board, and is perfect for the early stages of learning to surf. 

It uses a similar template to our Chop Stick and Test Tube shapes, but the main difference is that we've given the Koolite some extra thickness to bump up the volume.

This basically means it has a lot more float making it even more super stable, and easier to paddle. This will help you stand up in even the smallest and weakest of waves. 

We woudln't really recommend this board for advanced surfer or good quality waves, but we did test it out in some just in case.. (see clip below)

Dimensions - 7'0" X 22 1/4" X 3 1/4" (68L)


*Thruster Fin Set Included

100% Waterproof Moulded EPS Core

This core provide unhindered strength and enhanced durability while retaining light weigh characteristics.

Softlite Boards are created from exclusively owned moulds. These have been created and refined through a collaboration of renowned surfboard shapers and team riders. 

Using moulded cores allows for a tougher core and ensures all boards are consistently high quality with no imperfections.

10lb PE Deck skin

Each Softlite is encapsulated in a 10lb PE Deck skin for extra strength, durability and traction.

Xtra Duralinx Slick

A super High Density PE Slick Bottom for protection, speed and durability.

Bamboo X Epoxy Stringer System

Each Koolite Board Contains 2 x Stringers. Each Bamboo Stringer is re-enforced with Fibreglass Taping & Epoxy Resin to provide maximum strength.

Exoskeletal Strength Membrane

The ESM is a unique layer fused between the EPS Core and PE Deckskin. It increases durability and impact absorption, while also providing a high strength lamination between these two materials.

Tail Buffers

We use an extra layer of PE for increased impact absorption in heavy use areas. 

Bones & Shanks Fin System

This fin system allows quick and easy fin installation and removal. It is compatible with other fin types so you can change fins to suit conditions or alter board performance.

It also allows a deck with no visible fin screws.


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