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DOUBLE$DOWN Seadog Softboard 6 foot 6 Pink

DOUBLE$DOWN Seadog Softboard 6 foot 6 Pink

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The Doubledown Seadog Softtop surfboard is your Ticket to ride this summer.

The Perfect Wide outline with plenty of buoyancy to get you into more waves than you'll know what to do with.

An EPS core with two stringers make this board rigid and strong so you have paddle power to burn.

The Seadog is a thruster (3 fins) setup and the fins are included, along with a basic Legrope.

Grab some wax, grab your mates, and you are ready to impress.

  • 6 foot 6 board made for riders up to 80kgs
  • IXPE fcross linked foam deck for pro feel and comfort on the waves
  • EPS core with two wooden stringers, lightweight and strong
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Slick for speed
  • Comes with a legrope and fins

Note - We advise you use some soft surf wax (softboard specific or cold water wax is best), Never leave your surfboard in the sun, it will fade and peel!
Don't drag your board on the sand because you'll look like a dork and you'll wear off your logos!

Buy a bag or a sleeve to keep it looking good 

Dimensions: 6’6" x 21 1/2”  x 3”  55 litres

* your DD board has a 1 year warrnty against manufacturing defects, it covers any unlikely faults, but it does not cover breakages in the surf, no matter how much you spend waves dont care, sometimes they just break boards!

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