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Aztron Wing 5.0m

Aztron Wing 5.0m

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Built with lightweight and fabric, the AZTRON WING has a compact design and high performance. The unique Y-shape power grip and multiple gripping points on the leading edge make it so easy to maneuver and control.

The 5.0 Wing has 5 Square meters of Surface area, designed for Wing foilers around 85kg OR  a Useful backup for Smaller riders on light wind days or Bigger riders in strong winds.


  • Ultra-light reinforced wing fabric
  • Powerful profile and low-end grunt 
  • Large window panel for maximum safety
  • Large diameter leading edge and center strut
  • Ergonomically shaped strut for better handling
  • Y-shape power grip with various multiple gripping points
  • EVA coverd handles
  • Double-valve system
  • Compact gear bag and 4 foot wrist leash is included
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