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Aquafi Zephyr 4m SUP Sail and Aquafi 335 SUP Package

Aquafi Zephyr 4m SUP Sail and Aquafi 335 SUP Package

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Aquafi 4.0 Inflatable Paddle Board Sail and Aquafi 335 Inflatable Paddleboard

Make paddle boarding more fun with a 4 metre inflatable sail matched with the Aquafi 335 Inflatable SUP. 

This sail attaches to the board with velcro straps and sail housing holds the sail in place.  The centre fin helps with stability.  

The sail is light weight and packs down into a small carry bag for portability.

Pair this with an Aquafi Pacific 335 SUP and you are ready for an adventure.

CAUTION - Endless fun can be had, but the sail should only be used when the wind is blowing towards the shore.  Safety is our paramount concern and you should always use a personal flotation device while using a SUP.  It is also recommended that you take the paddle with you when first attempting to sail your paddle board, otherwise its a long swim back to shore towing your board and sail! 

Also ensure you have the leash attached securely to you should you fall off... and you will!  Many, many times!  


Aquafi brings you a great range of watersport products to enjoy your time on the water.  Whether being towed by a boat, gripping the sled behind a jetski, or paddling around on your SUP or Kayak, Aquafi has the gear for you.  Designed right here in New Zealand, Aquafi brings you fantastic quality at a fantastic price all backed by our one year warranty!y!

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