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5'4" x 21 1/4" x 2 7/16" 34 Litres


The Bitten Biscuit - A new take on an old favourite.

We broke it down to a thruster to make it looser in the pocket, and took some volume of the tail to make it a bit more rippable, and allow for more top to bottom style surfing.

A great all rounder suited to thrashing average waves. The added chest-width would float a polar bear, while still being thin enough to put it on rail.

The Bitten Biscuit features a bit of extra width and a high wide-point makes which makes paddling and catching waves a breeze. It's also nice and flat making weak waves and flat sections a joy to surf. Compared to you average softboard, the Bitten Biscuit also has much thinner rails, which are just asking to be buried!

In this model, we've given it a thruster fin set up and taken a bit of volume of the tail to allow you to have a bit more pivot through terms.

The Bitten Biscuit is a pretty good all-rounder foamie to have in your quiver.

It is designed to perform best in beachie waves up to 4 foot, but would go off in some longer point breaks if you have the luxury.

Probably the better option than regular Biscuit for better wave conditions.

For Beginners, it is best suited for Kids up to 35kg.

For Intermediate Surfers, it is best suited for riders around 60kg

For Advanced surfers, it is ideal for riders up to 90kg.



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